We're currently offering a variety of Tenga eggs, an inexpensive way to begin exploring the world of male adult toys. Simply open the plastic egg shell to reveal a soft stretchy yolk, each with a unique stimulating design and a packet of lube inside. They are advertised as single use, but with proper cleaning and care you should be able to get more uses.

Please don't hesitate to contact us support@abovesobelow.com with any questions.


Close your eyes and let the wavy design take you to the most sensual beach you can imagine.

$8 Single Egg» $45 Six Pack »


With stimulating nibs, the clicker pattern will keep every one of your appendages clicking with joy.

$8 Single Egg» $45 Six Pack »


The spider pattern is ridged along both axis for a sensation that will surely get you shooting your own web.

$8 Single Egg » $45 Six Pack »


A tornado of delight, with the twister egg you'll be able to find that sensual place, somewhere over the rainbow.

$8 Single Egg » $45 Six Pack »


Climb the steps of the ancient pyramids with stepper. A sensual design fit for a pharaoh.

$8 Single Egg » $45 Six Pack »


Let the soft silk design wrap itself around you like a geisha wrapped in a kimono. Exotic stimulation.

$8 Single Egg » $45 Six Pack »

Half Dozen Carton

For the explorer. A pack of all 6 types of egg.

$45 Variety 6 pack »